March 5, 2021

What To Do At The First Night

Actually What is The First Night

It is a first wedding night where you and your wife would sleep together at one bed

* With many feelings and sexual imaginations


*First both of you relax some time because both of you will be tied from morning to evening you may receive many wishes.

* Regarding your wedding,photo shoots and some other traditional works

*Change your dress to night wear and remove all your jewelry First Night

*If you are Husband ask your wife “Are you feeling shy”.Make her free to talk with you.

*And start general talk about marriage and guests.

Unbox your gifts

*Start unboxing your gifts each other this is common in many of the first nights

Start a casual talk

*Ask him/her about when should we plan for the children if your husband/wife answers

* immediately then first say your opinion to her if you also want early then start sex

*Mostly many people wont plan sex it in their wedding night because they takes some time to enjoy the relationship

*If she does not accept then say her to sleep on your chest that will be

* A pleasant feeling for you at that night.

*If she accepts for early child then for more information refer below “sex process”.First Night

Together go for a dinner

*Have a healthy meal at your dinner and talk to your guests and friends

*Both of you be at one place only while dinner that will be good looking

* At that event if anyone saw you.

*After completing the meal come back and relax for sometime in First Night

Sex Process

*Remove your clothes including inner wears and join your hands together and take her to the bed.

*Don’t ever start direct sex with her first start a foreplay kiss her lips

* And boobs divert her feelings to sexual feelings

*put your hand on her vagina and start fingering her and frequently rotate your hand after placing it on vagina

*Ask her for blowjob if you are interested if she accepts its fine in First Night

*But if she doesn’t accept do not force her because at first time most of them wont accept for blowjob

Lick Her Vagina

*After some time get down and start licking her vagina if you are interested only licking vagina gives very horny feeling to her.

*And she pushes your head more and more towards her vagina that feel was uncontrollable to you and her.

*Don’t fuck into her ass because for the first fuck your penis will not fit in that hole.In blue films we see that ass fuck gives horny feeling.

*But you can do it in future if your wife accepts

*Don’t make her pain while fuck avoid hard fucking which is shown in the blue film

What to do at the first night

*Because In blue films all the porn stars are experienced they can accept that pain and feel

*lick vagina as much as you want after that put your penis in her vagina and start sex by moving your penis up and down inside her vagina.

*This gives more mood to both of you

*Release your sperm inside her vagina and relax sometime

*Clear your penis with a tissue and give her a strong lip lock

*Your first time is often awkward,and can require a calm,romantic atmosphere to make a little more enjoyabl

Dont’s of a First-Night

*Do not feel shy to ask anything I know in the first day you could feel some nervousness but stay away from it

*Because you have to live in a husband and wife relationship for many years

*Fell free to ask him/her anything at that moment so that you can build a good relationship

*And don’t be silent at whole night start little conversations and sleep together in a be

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