March 6, 2021
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English Sex Story Aunt Was Fucked By Call Boy In Her Home

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english sex story

Hello, I am Sandeep I want to share my English sex story here which happened in my life.

while studying engineering in Hyderabad I had an interest in escort services.

Once I googled call girl services in my city it has shown me many results.

I saved their mobile numbers which shown on those websites and started messaging them.

Many of the posts are in female user names and profile images are also females.

English Hot Stories-Aunt Invited Me To Her Home

But If I call or message them some guys are lifting the phone and saying about their service.

Many of them sent me their girl’s images also some of them are beautiful.

But Prices are too high and that is not negotiable that didn’t like me.

after a few days I saw one post in one site she described that she is a single lady in her house.

And said to me about her husband’s business trips and her financial status.

I texted her immediately and waiting for her reply finally I got a reply from her after 2 hours.

Then the conversation went like this.

She. call me
Me. called her
She. I am an independent housewife my husband is on a business trip for 1 week.
Me. ok
She. is this Saturday ok for you?
Me. ok

She Shared Her Location

Then she shared her location in the what’s app I am eagerly waiting for Saturday.

Finally, that day came I stay in the hostel it is 21 Kms distance from my hostel to her house.

She called me on Saturday and said I am booking a cab for you at 2 pm be ready.

The Cab has arrived at 2 pm It took almost 1 and a half hours to reach the destination.

Bill was paid by her online Then after getting down from the cab.

I called her she opened the door and invited me to her house.

There is no watchman and no pet dog in her house that’s why she invited me to her home.

When I saw her in live I was stunned one second with her beauty.

we spent some time in the living room and discussed our past life.

She said about her husband and their business.

She Had A Pregnancy Problem

And said about her pregnancy problem she has a problem with her pregnancy.

Me. What problem.

She. said about some internal fertility problems in her body doctor said that I will never become pregnant.

From that day onwards she and her husband left hopes on the child.

She likes sex very much but her husband doesn’t due to business trips.

Previously after marriage, her husband was very active in sex.

english sex story

But when they came to know about her pregnancy problem he was not focusing on sex.

That’s why she posted an advertisement on that site.

Then she invited me to her bedroom the air conditioner is in on already the room was too cool.

She started undressing me My dick was erected at that time she held my dick and said I like big dicks.

Then she requested me to undress her I have removed her total dress including her bra and panties.

Her Nipples are very big

She was so hot and I like her nipples very much because those pink nipples are very tempting.

She held my dick and started giving me a blowjob I was shocked.

But her blowjob was amazing she went down and gave me a ball job also.

That was my first blowjob in my life I never forget that day in my life.

After some time she asked me for pussy licking I agreed to it.

And started licking her shaved pussy I put my hand on her clitoris and rubbed it until she says stop.

Licked her juicy pussy and ass for more than 10 minutes continuously.

After that, I inserted a condom to my dick and started fucking her pussy.

Down I was fucking and up I am taking milk from her boobs.

Tried 69 sex angle With Her

Then I requested her for 69 positions she agreed and put her pussy on my mouth.

That feeling was awesome at that time I can’t forget her because of her nice blowjob.

Then she opened some porn videos which are already downloaded in her mobile.

She said that she watches porn and masturbates once in two days.

I fingered her pussy while watching porn she took 10 minutes to release cum.

First time I have watched women cum in my life she has blasted cum on my hand and on the bed.

Then again I fucked her pussy too hard and cummed on her face.

Cummed On Her Face

First, she was not accepted to cum on her face later I held her hands tight and rubbed my dick on her boobs.

After 3 seconds of rubbing my cum was blasted on her face and lips.
She took it positively and smiled by looking at me.

We together went to the washroom and cleaned our body.

That was the most memorable day for me she paid me a huge amount.

I slept in her house that night and left my hostel the next day morning.

She used to call me whenever her husband is out of town.

I earned much amount from her and recently I bought a bike with that amount.

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