February 26, 2021
English sex stories

English sex stories sex with wife Sex stories in English

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English sex stories
English sex stories

Hello, I am Srikanth I here to share my first-night sex story with you.

Actually, we are from a middle-class family my wife is also from the same ours has arranged marriage.

Since my teenage, I am very much excited about my first wedding night every day I used to think about my first night.

Finally, that day has come I am very much excited from the beginning of that day.

We are so tied because we stood from the afternoon onwards for the photoshoot.

And In the evening our marriage has done according to our tradition.

English sex stories-She Came With A Glass Of Milk

After marriage, we came to my house and completed some basic formalities about worshipping god etc..

We had dinner together with guests and parents had a healthy meal.

Then here comes my favorite scene my first night has started.

I was already in the bedroom and checking my messages and replying to them for their wishes.

She arrived in the room after sometimes with a glass of milk and said…

She. Consume this milk.
Me. Had that milk and said it’s app nice she smiled.
I found that she is in the mood off and asked her what happened?

She. Nothing like that.
Me. Are you worried about this first night?
she. Somewhat.

Me. let’s decide together and plan for children don’t worry.

She. ok

Unboxed our gifts

We have unboxed the gifts which we had received in our marriage.

we both have received many gifts like relationship idols, beautiful scenery, and some other gifts.

We talked for more than 30 minutes about our future plans and where to go for honeymoon.

I said to the photographs during our marriage to send me the pics on the same day.

I got pics on my mobile we both were looking to the pictures. English sex stories

after some time I have asked her to shall we have sex? she said yes and requested me to use safety.

Then I opened a condom which I ordered online a few days back and wore it to my penis.

we undressed and lay on the bed we both were naked that was the first time I saw a woman naked in live.

She Asked Me About Mastrubation

She asked me one thing “how often do you masturbate? I replied twice a week.

I also asked the same question to her she replied that once in a week.

Immediately I started rubbing her clit and fingered her pussy with my two fingers.

While I am doing that she said I need more and more then my dick was erected to 90 degrees.

She has shocked by seeing my 6inch black duck and touched it once.

I gave a strong kiss on her lips and hold her boobs on my hands and pressed it very hard.

She had a black big nipple I squeezed it and went down for licking her white hairy pussy.

I lift her two legs and licked her hairy pussy until she says stop it gave an amazing feel for both of us.

Then I inserted my penis in her pussy and fucked her for some time and asked her for a blowjob.

She Gave Me A Blowjob

First, she said no but I asked her until she accepts finally, she accepted for a small blowjob.

She gave me a blowjob on the top of my penis. that was the first blowjob for me.

And said her to take my cum inside her mouth she never accepted it. English sex stories

Then again I inserted a condom and fucked her pussy until I cum at last I cummed inside her pussy.

That time I have lost my virginity that was an awesome feeling when I release cum in her pussy.

After that, I went to the washroom and washed my penis and wore a nightdress she also did the same.

The next day we attended the pooja ceremony which happened in my house with traditional culture.

Went For Holiday After Marriage

then the next day we went to the Maldives for our honeymoon we stayed there for a week.

we enjoyed that atmosphere near the beaches guest house and that food.

after 3 days we again started sex in our hotel with condoms it gave us stress relief.

after one week we came back and went for our normal life.

after 1 year we planned for a child this time there is no condom for me while having sex.

This time I have released sperm early due to full mood on my wife.

she also gave me an amazing blowjob and ball job for a couple of minutes.

Now we are blessed with a baby girl she is 1 year old now.

We will have sex every Saturday night I think this is the best time to have sex.

If our child grows then chances will be lower for having sex that’s why we are enjoying sex every weekend that gives relaxation from stress for both of us.

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