February 27, 2021
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English Hot Stories
English Hot Stories

Hi, I am Anjali I have completed my graduation in the year of 2016.
Basically, I am from a small village in Telangana so I have decided to do a job in the city.
After completing graduation I have decided to move Hyderabad. English Hot Stories
After going to the Hyderabad my friend picked me and I joined in my friend hostel

English Hot Stories-He addressed me DARLING

One day she got a call from an unknown number she was not in the room at the time so I picked that call.
Me. Hello
Male voice. Hey Darling what are doing
Me. shocked and said Meghana(my friend name ) is not in the hostel please call later
Male voice. ok
After 30 minutes my friend came and I have said to her that you gotta call from a
new number.
she checked her mobile and said he is my boyfriend then I asked do you have a boyfriend she said yes I am in a relationship for 2 years.
Every day her boyfriend used to come to our hostel and talk with her.
One day She introduced me to her boyfriend I have shared my mobile number with him.
He used to chat with me daily 1 month passed like this

English Hot Stories-He sent me Porn Videos

After one month
He. What are you doing?
Me. Nothing
He. Sent one video
Me. Opened that’s a porn video again he sent 4 to 5 videos and asked do u watch porn?
Me. Yes but not daily
He. I watch daily English Hot Stories
Me. Ohh stop sending this kind of videos I am a friend of your girlfriend
He. Hey nothing will happen
Me. No, stop it
He. Ok and asked are you virgin
Me. yes I am

Asked for Sex

He. Would you like to have sex with me
Me. What the fuck what kind of person you are?
He. Hey it’s common here please don’t say to my girlfriend about this
Me. I was thinking from many days about sex and thought he was the correct person and said ok
He. Ok next Sunday I will book one oyo room and I will share you the location
Me. Ok
He. Shared the location on next Sunday. English Hot Stories
I went to that hotel it was a luxurious 5-star hotel and went inside the room.
That room is full of cool Ac is in full we started removing our clothes he removed my top and down.
I removed her shirt and pant he said to sleep on the bed I slept and he came on me and removed my bra and panties and asked to remove his underwear.

He Is Maintaining very Big Dick

His dick was about 6.5 inches it is looking like a ROD.
He went down near my pussy and licked my hairy pussy for 10 minutes continuously.
And asked me to give a blowjob o gave him an amazing blowjob and ball job.
He said do you know 69 position
Me. No, I don’t. English Hot Stories
He. Opened his mobile and shown one image and said let’s try this angle
Me. Ok

We are In 69 Position

I have placed my pussy on his mouth and gave him a blowjob again wow that 69 angle was a smooth pleasure.

We enjoyed This position for 15 minutes continuously and he said that he wants to cum in my mouth.

I said No,I gave him a juicy blowjob.

He inserted his two balls in my mouth and moved forward and backward and my boobs were pressed by him very hard.

He pushed his dick inside my pussy without condom I said no please but he did not listen to me. English Hot Stories

He Fucked My Little Ass Like a Porn star

I was shouting like a hell “ohh its too pain inside please stop”.Then he removed his dick from my pussy and inserted in my ass.

My ass is so tight his dick was unable to go inside it he tried 3 to 4 times but he can’t.

He opened one small oil packet and rubbed it into my ass his dick and tried to insert again This time it was inserted successfully.

My ass was fucked by him for 15 minutes and requested me to take his cum in mouth Immediately I said No.

he did not listen to me forcefully he blasted cum on my face. English Hot Stories

First He tried to cum on my mouth but I didn’t give him the chance.

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Ate Pizza After The Sex

At last, we both went to the washroom and cleaned ourselves and came back.
Checked out the hotel and went to domino’s to have a pizza he asked me how was the session.
I replied Ok good but you forced me a lot.
he. it’s common for me and your friend, by the way, don’t share this with her.
me. ok fine. English Hot Stories
we completed our snack and he dropped me at the next line of my hostel.
after entering my hostel room my friend asked where did you go?.
me. I went to my relative’s house.
she. ok.
Still, she did not know about this incident which happened between me and her boyfriend.

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