February 27, 2021
English Hot Stories

English Hot Stories Sex With Relative Free adult stories

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English Hot Stories
English Hot Stories

I Just wanted to share my story between me and my aunt(Relative) for me.
She is very beautiful and she is maintaining a very good figure. English Hot Stories

English Hot Stories-Created One Fake Facebook Account

One day I have created one Facebook account with a female name and sent a request to her.

After 5 days she accepted my request after that I have messaged to her on that day.

The conversation went like this…..


She.hello Do you know me?

Me.No I don’t

She: then why do u send me a request

Me. To make new friends


After that up to one week, we made normal conversations

After 1 week the chat is like this

Me.do u know online job which gives a huge amount per day

She.yes yes

Me. one person wants to lick your pussy for 5 mins payment is rs 5000 for 5 mins he just licks your pussy and leaves your home

She.what is that pussy I don’t know about it English Hot Stories

Me. sent one pussy licking image and said one person will come to your home and he will lick your pussy like this

She.what is this I don’t want this kind of jobs bye

Me. madam please don’t go wait


Me. he won’t fuck you he will lick your pussy and ass for some time and he will leave from that place he pays you 5000 rupees please understand me and my friend are earning a huge amount from this way

She.wait give me some time I will think

She Accepted to Lick Her Pussy

After 2 days she replied ok

Me. ok send your complete address and phone

She.sent her address and said send him to come on this Monday

Me. ok I was so happy at that time because she doesn’t know that I am the client

english hot stories
english hot stories

One day before chat

She.send your number and send him tomorrow at 2 pm English Hot Stories

Me. Ok, I sent her another number which is a new one.

Went To Her Home To Fuck

I went to her next day at 1.30 pm and rang the bell she opened the door and surprised by seeing me at that time

She doesn’t know that I am her client and she is calling continuously to me my mobile was in silent at that time and she sent me a message not to send the client

I came into the action My dick was already erected after entering into the house.

I have hugged her from her backside my dick touched to her ass she was in nighty at that time and I asked her

Me. what happened aunt you are in worry? English Hot Stories

She.no nothing what is this I have never expected this from you what are doing Do u think I am your wife?

Me. shall we start

She. what

Me. I am the client

She.what client

Me. shown her all the Facebook messages

She.shocking expression

Blackmailed Her With Messages

Me. Cooperate with me or else I will share this chat to everyone

She. ok and she went into depression English Hot Stories

We went to the bedroom I have removed her saree blouse bra and panty and said her to sleep in the bed

She had an amazing boobs pink nipples and white body from top to bottom

Licked Pussy And Fucked Her

She does not have any hair near her pussy Immediately I went near her pussy and inserted my tongue inside her pussy and

Licked it for 10 minutes continuously.

Next, I removed the condom from my pocket and inserted to my dick she said no don’t fuck, please.

Me. Nothing will happen I am using condom your Facebook chat is with me

She. please if I get pregnant then I should face a lot of problems. English Hot Stories

Me. Don’t do over actions I ‘m using safety nothing will happen to you

she . ok make it fast

I sucked her two breasts her milk was so tasty without sugar.

And I have fucked her ass after without condom her ass os so tight which I can’t insert my dick then I removed the condom and applied some oil

to It and fucked for some time.

Then I inserted my condom and fucked her pussy hard for 15minutes and asked her for a blowjob.

She cried that she won’t give me a blowjob and requested me to leave from here. English Hot Stories

Within 5 minutes I released my sperm inside the condom and sucked her nipples very hard.

Cleaned my dick with a tissue and And wore my dress and left from that place

While this process went for 1 and a half hour

But that was one of the most memorable days for me.

Title: 0118-grijpskerke


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