March 1, 2021

English Hot Stories Sex with My Neighbor Hot sec Stories

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english hot stories
english hot stories

Hello, I am Harish I want to share my sex story which happened between me and my neighbor aunty. English hot stories

This has happened in Hyderabad while I am studying engineering third year we are four friends living in a room near our college.

her house is in front of our hose we live on the first floor and she also lives on the first floor of the house.

English hot Stories-Big Boobs Neighbor Aunt

One Sunday evening I saw her she was sitting in her balcony and using mobile.

I was stunned with her beauty to trust me she is a good looking figure nice boobs and good structure.

secretly I have taken her pictures on my mobile by zooming into her big boobs.

And I use to masturbate by looking into her pictures and think one day I have to fuck her too hard.

two months passed on my interest in her was increasing day by day.English hot stories

One day she was reading a newspaper in her balcony and I decided to masturbate in front of her without knowing.

Before that day I have edited her pictures into nude attached her face to pornstar’s nude pictures.

Masturbated By Looking Her Pictures

I Opened that pictures and slowly started masturbating ( I did not remove my penis out from my innerwear).

I used to masturbate with my hands and sometimes I have rubbed my penis to the wall.

In the middle of the masturbation suddenly she looked at me. My face was blank at that time don’t know what to do.

She looked and laughed at me then I removed my hand from the penis and looked at her waiting for her smile again.

after some time she went inside her house that day I thought that she has some interest in sex.

after some days again I was looking to her balcony and waiting for her.English hot stories

She came for removing clothes on the rope and looked at me I smiled and put my hand on my penis.

I wrote my number on my wall and said this is my number immediately she went inside and bought her mobile and noted down my number on her mobile.

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She Invited Me To Her House For Sex

From that day onwards I am waiting for her message three days passed on the fourth day I got a what’s app message from her.

she said to call me the conversation went like this.

Me. Hi, I am your neighbor.
she. Ya, I know that.

Me. your opinion about sex.
she. Ok but not now I will call you when no one is in my home.

Me. felt happy and said ok to her.English hot stories

after 1 week she called me and said tomorrow to come to my home with 2 condoms.

I can’t express my feelings at that time I already have condoms ordered online 1 week before.

That day was Saturday I did not go to my college on that day.

I Had lunch at 2 pm and called her for welcoming me.

english hot stories
english hot stories

I Went to her home no one is thereafter entering her house first I pressed her big boobs with my two hands.

immediately she said stop it wait for some time.
she got a call at that time that calls ended after 5 minutes then she invited me to her bedroom.

I went inside her bedroom and said her to sleep on the bed.English hot stories

Sucked Her Nipple Very Hard

First I have separated her saree and bra from her body and shocked by seeing her big boobs.

I have sucked her boobs and big nipple until I lost interest in it.

She gave a strong french kiss to me I enjoyed the thrill at that time and I was losing my virginity at that time.

then I slowly removed her panties and touched her clit she had a brown pussy but I like it.

We went to the washroom to clean our private parts I cleaned her pussy and she cleaned my penis.

Then we came out and I licked her ass for some time then lifted her two legs and started licking her pussy.

I have inserted my tongue inside her pussy and tasting it continuously for some time.

she is enjoying it and holding my head to do more for her.English hot stories

Then I requested her for a blowjob she accepted it and gave a nice blowjob and ball job.

I opened porn videos on my mobile and started to watch blowjob videos.

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Experienced 69 sex Position With Her

That was an awesome feeling I shown her a 69 angle in porn videos and said let’s try it.

she kept her pussy on my mouth and started giving me a blowjob again.

After some time I have opened my condom and inserted it to my penis and started fucking her pussy.

she was shouting very loud while fucking her pussy I closed her mouth and fucked her too hard.

then removed my penis and fingered her pussy until she cums.English hot stories

she got cum after 5 minutes again I fucked her pussy until I cum inside her pussy.

While Cumming inside her tight pussy that feeling was like a heaven for me.

then we cleaned ourselves and I came out of her house while leaving her house I gave a strong liplock to her.

And said waiting for our next fucking session she smiled and replied it will be soon don’t worry.

I lost my virginity with her on that day.

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