February 28, 2021
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English Hot Stories Sex With My Manager A Romantic Hot Story

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English Hot Stories Sex With My Manager
English Hot Stories Sex With My Manager

*‌I have completed my graduation in 2019 and came to Hyderabad for employment. I have taken Training in a software course in one of the major institutes in Hyderabad.

*It took 3 months to complete the course. Anyhow, I completed my course after that I’m in a job search From the 4th month.
*One fine day I got a call letter from one of the companies for an interview.

*I have successfully cleared technical round and HR round. Hr was a lady she asked a few easy questions and I answered them in easily.

English Hot Stories She Ordered Me To Lick Her Pussy

*After that she gave me a task which is I have to lick her PUSSY. I was shocked at that moment.

*English Hot Stories Sex With My Manager A Romantic Hot Story

she said that If I complete that task then I can work in the company if not she can remove me anytime.

*I was shocked when she said directly to me lick my PUSSY and she said that if you do this thing.

then I will select you I was shocked at the moment when she said like that give me 2 minutes to think me.

*About this thing I am thinking that I have been rejected in many of the companies.

but luckily I was successfully cleared two rounds in this company due to some reasons I accepted her deal.

*Next day she sent me an offer letter My joining was after one week and messaged me personally.

about the details of her address.

*After 1 week I have joined in their organization they started giving me training on the technology so I have completed my one-month training in that company.

*one Saturday she texted me in the what’s app about her house location.

Visited Her Home

*And said to come afternoon at 2:00 p.m. so I have completed my lunch on that day.

English Hot Stories and left from my home to visit her location.

*She is living in one of the costliest apartments in the city on the sixth floor.

I went near to her flat and rang the bell she opened the door.

*She was in miniskirt and small top. she invited me inside I entered her house.

SHE: have you completed lunch.

ME: said yes ma’am and asked are you living alone here.

SHE: No, I am living with my friend but she is out of town now that’s why I texted you.

ME: She finished her lunch within 10 minutes and said to come to the bedroom.

and remove my clothes I agreed and moved inside her bedroom.

I Started Licking Her Pussy

*I removed her clothes from top to bottom and she removes my clothes slowly.

and she immediately asked me to lick her pussy then I went down and looked the hairy part on her pussy.

*so I requested her to trim the hair and come back when was it neatly she said why.

*And I replied this is not the correct way to lick you should maintain correct pussy.

without any hairs and dirty smell look at my cock without hair English Hot Stories.

*Within 10 minutes she trimmed and washed her pussy she came back to me have requested me to lick it as much as I can.

*First time I have tasted PUSSY that was an amazing experience she had a white big pussy.

English Hot Stories Sex With My Manager
English Hot Stories Sex With My Manager

very nice best and good smell from pussy.

*She’s making small sounds when I’m licking her pussy and my cock was Erected.

*At the time she was not interested in fuck but I secretly bought condoms after licking 10 minutes.

I requested her to have sex with me but she doesn’t accept it again.

Requested Her To Have A Sex With Me

*In This English sex stories started requesting her for sex I have slowly removed my condoms.

and inserted to my dick without saying to her suddenly I put off out of my dick in her pussy she was serious at that time.

still I requested to have sex, at last, she smiled to me and I started fucking her into her pussy.

in a slow speed she was making some sweet sounds at that time English Hot Stories.

I gave one strong french kiss to her after that she never said no for me at all.

she requested me to lick her ass then I asked her one question.

ME: Mam in the interview you said to lick only pussy then here I can’t lick mam.

Licked Her Big Ass

SHE: replied that u inserted your dick in my pussy without my permission so lick my ass now

*I accepted it and she sat on my face she exactly kept her ass on my mouth and moving her body forward and backward.

then my feeling was oh god what the fuck is this she continued it for 8-10 minutes.

Then I requested her to give me a blow job first she accepted to give me a blow job.

with a condom I know that with a condom does not give us sexual feel at all English Hot Stories.

I said to give me a blowjob without a condom she said I can’t then I said ok.

and she gave me a nice blowjob with condom but it doesn’t have me feel.

Forced Blowjob

*Suddenly I removed that condom and pushed her face towards my dick then she said what is this stop

Me. please mam for 2 minutes
She. ok wait

She has given me an amazing blowjob for that 2 minutes.

It is my first fuck and first blowjob experience in my life English Hot Stories.

After blowing she said me to wore condom and fuck my pussy.

I fucked Inside her pussy very hard for 15 minutes continuously.

At last I asked shall I give you a cum shot on your face.

She.no don’t do that.

Me. ok

I Gave a Strong Kiss To Her

And released my sperm inside the condom and gave a strong lip lock to her

And cleaned my dick in the washroom

This whole process is finished in 1 hour English Hot Stories.

Then I wore my dress and sucked her nipples at the last for 2 mins and

I left her house

Next day she called me to her cabin in the office and asked how it was yesterday

Me.amazing mam

She.smiled and Said don’t share it with others

Me. ok mam thank you.

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