February 26, 2021
english hot stories

English Hot Stories Fucked by her boyfriend Free adult Stories

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English Hot Stories
English Hot Stories

Hi, I am kavya from Hyderabad one day my parents went for a marriage function to another city due to some reasons I did not go with them.
that was a Saturday my parents left in the morning. mine is an individual house with no Watchman.
The next day afternoon English hot stories

English Hot Stories-Invited My Boyfriend To My house

I called my boyfriend and said no one is at home they went to attend a marriage and they will return tomorrow evening.

He replied wait I am coming with condoms

at 2 pm he came to my house on his bike and rang the bell. English hot stories

I opened the door he instantly said that today’s is the luckiest day for u

I finished my lunch before he comes to my house.

He said let’s have some sex in the bedroom I said ok to him

first we removed our clothes including inner wears. His dick was so big It might be 6 inches.

we together went into the washroom and cleaned our private parts and had a shower for 10 mins.

English Hot Stories-He spread My Legs To Lick My Pussy

And cleaned with a towel

He. said to take a nap on the bed and spread my legs

She. I did That

He. he slowly started touching my clit and rubbing it continuously.

Me. so horny feeling English hot stories

He gave a strong liplock to me and kissed on my boobs

I gave him a handjob along with that ball job around 15 minutes

He started playing porn videos on his mobile and said I wanna try all these sex positions with you.

He spread my legs widely and licked my hairy pussy and ass very deep.

That feeling was amazing for me I can’t express it in my words.

Every girl should experience that feeling with her boyfriend or husband

After that, He said to sleep on his chest We watched porn together and bought more feel towards sex

He Played Porn Videos In His Mobile

After some time he stopped playing porn and started fucking me different angles which were shown in porn videos.

He inserted his dick in my tight ass with a condom I shouted at the first shot

My ass was fucked by him for more than 10 minutes with a horny feeling.

Immediately he removed his dick from my ass and inserted it in my pussy.

He lifts my legs upside and fucking very hard and gave a strong lip lock to me

That was a great fucking experience for me and him which happened on that day English hot stories

He said to take his cum in my mouth but I didn’t accept it So, he had released his sperm inside my pussy and relaxed for sometime

And,He said to remove his condom and throw it in the dust bin.

while removing the condom I saw that some sperm is leaking from it.

Condom Was Broken Inside My Pussy

I asked him what is this Sperm is coming out from condom he checked it and said.

Dear condom is torn while fucking. I was shocked at that time and said Idiot what you did How it will break inside?.

He. I too don’t know but I bought branded condom I can’t understand how it is broken

me. Now how to stop pregnancy.
he. Don’t worry tablets will be available in the pharmacy.

me. ok go and get it now for me fast English hot stories

english hot stories
english hot stories

he . went out and bought some tables which can avoid pregnancy

me. I searched in Google about those pills and reviewed it was genuine ok.

Took Some Pills To Avoid Pregnancy

I had that pills on that day and relaxed for some time we together went outside and had some Indian snacks and came back to my home.
Again After some time his dick was erected again he requested me for another fucking session.

But I didn’t accept It because I am very tied.

Then He requested again for a blowjob I gave a short blowjob for 5 minutes to him.

After that he left my house in the evening I took rest for some time.

In the night time, he called me and said I forgot my watch in your bathroom.

I was in a sleepy mood that time and replied “it’s ok I will remove from the bathroom” and slept

My parents Have Arrived

Next day my parents have arrived I opened the door normally after opening the door I remembered one thing that I haven’t removed his watch from the washroom.

Then Immediately I went to the washroom and removed his watch from there and placed it in another place.

Thank god If my dad has seen it there it could be a big problem in my life.

That fucking experience was amazing not only on that day we together booked hotel rooms. English hot stories

And enjoyed the sex which happened between us and we used to try different sex angles for every fuck.

still, we both are in a good relationship and planning to get married and continue our relationship for lifelong.

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