February 26, 2021
English Errotic stories

English Errotic stories with Employee English Hot Stories

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English Errotic stories
English Errotic stories

Hello, I am Akshay I want to share my English sex story which happened between me and my office employee.

That was Friday our project deadline was on Monday her name is Shivani she is in my team.

We both completed 80 percent of the task on that day but we did not complete it 100%.

Evening at 6 pm our manager mailed us to work in the next 2 days. English Errotic stories

English Errotic stories-Office Work With My Colleague

So, we both decided to work on Saturday and Sunday.

My colleague said that her roommate is leaving the city today so please tomorrow come with your laptop to my house for work.

I agreed to her request after that we left for our houses.English Errotic stories

That Friday night I had felt some shy feel to go to her house because no one is in her home.

Actually, I am a sex-addicted person somehow I managed and gone to her house the next day afternoon.

She sent me her location on Whatsapp it is an apartment her flat is on the top of the apartment.

I rang her hose bell after a couple of seconds she opened the door I was shocked one second.

Her Body Structure Was So Tempting

When I see her dress she wore a mini skirt and a small top I can see 80 percent of her body.

She is pure white in color and maintaining a sexy figure like a pornstar.

We both had a nonveg lunch and ordered some sweets online.

After having our lunch we have started our work and completing some tasks.

after working continuously for 3 hours we took a small break she made a good coffee.

Then 80% of the work is completed she said the staying at home that night.

because she is alone in her flat and her flatmate also not in the city. English Errotic stories

I agreed she prepared for dinner I also helped her while preparing the dinner.

Asked Her For a Sex

we had dinner and watching television at that time she is feeling so tired and stress.

Then I asked one thing to her

Me. I am also feeling the stress mam but I have one solution to remove our stress.

she. what is that?
Me. it is not good to share with you I mean you will get a somewhat bad feeling on me.

she. that’s ok share with me.
Me. sex removes the stress. English Errotic stories

she. said ohh and sat silent for 2 minutes and said ok for sex and asked about protection.

Me. I went to a nearby pharmacy store and bought condoms.

My dick was erected after buying condoms with that erected dick I came back.

She shocked after seeing my erected dick and touched my dick with her hand.

Time was around 10 pm we have gone to the bedroom and decided to watch some porn videos.

I have opened porn sites we both watched porn for 30 minutes.

Licked Her White Juicy Pussy

Later I undressed her along with her bikini and bra she is maintaining a white pussy.

She doesn’t have hair on her pussy I also trimmed my hair near my penis before that day.

I had requested her to undress me she done according to my request and pressed my testicles too hard.

Immediately I lift her legs and started licking her pussy in my style. English Errotic stories

she is getting more horny feel while licking her pussy and holding my head with her hands.

Then I inserted a condom to my dick and started fucking her big ass and sucked her boobs.

after that, I requested her to give me a blowjob she was not accepted at that time.

Later I licked her pussy again to make her more sexual feel.

She Gave Me A Blowjob

While licking her pussy she held my dick in her hand and gave me a blowjob.

That was the first blowjob in my life that feeling was amazing.

English Errotic stories
English Errotic stories

After that blowjob, I inserted my dick in her pussy and fucked too hard by looking into porn videos.

Then I realized that I was about to cum Immediately I removed my dick.

And put it in the middle of her boobs and pressed her boobs too hard.

Wow, that was an amazing feeling I said to her to let me cum on your face.

She never accepted it I requested more than 10 times to cum on her face.

At last, she said to cum on her ass hole then I fucked her ass for 2 minutes.

Cummed On Her Ass

And cummed on her ass that cum went near to her hair.

later I cleaned it with a tissue and we cleaned ourselves in the washroom.

The Next day we completed that remaining office work and played some sex games.

Like pussy licking, blowjob, and sucking her nipples, etc.. English Errotic stories

On that night we both had lost my virginity we never forget that in our life.

Whenever we feel stress we do sex now it became common for us.

Still, we participate in sex in hotels and enjoy our sexual life.

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